ECDIS classroom course and AIS on board course receives NMA Flag State approval

We are pleased to announce that our new ECDIS classroom course and AIS on board course has been approved by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) in accordance with the STCW convention, including Manila amendments.


ECDIS Classroom Course;

The course is based on STCW Section A-II/1, A-II/2, A-II/3 and IMO Model Courses 1.27 (ECDIS) and 1.34 (AIS).


The classroom course consists of Computer Based Training (CBT) modules, classroom lectures, practical exercises using MARIS ECDIS and practical exercises using our full range POLARIS bridge simulator.


The course topics cover:

·         Introduction to ECDIS and legal aspects

·         Limitations and case studies

·         Chart standards and content

·         Voyage planning

·         Route monitoring

·         Practical use of ECDIS

·         AIS

The course provides the required theoretical and practical knowledge for the ship navigators in the use of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and ECDIS. After completing this course the navigator will be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding of ECDIS navigation to undertake the duties of a navigational watch as defined by the STCW code.


The duration of this course is 4 days / 40 hours (including home work).


AIS On Board Course;

The course is based on STCW Section A, Table A-II/1, A-II/2, A-II/3, and IMO model course 1.34


The onboard course consists of CBT # 0109 AIS – Automatic Identification System and an updated procedure and workbook “Automatic Identification System - AIS


 The course topics cover:

·                     Objective of AIS

·                     AIS voyage related data

·                     AIS installations and operational status

·                     The safe use of AIS at sea

·                     AIS familiarization checklist

The learning objective of this course is to make the trainee understand the objectives of AIS, how AIS works as a system, benefits and limitations of AIS, needed decision making process with the use of AIS, entering and checking AIS data, practical use of AIS, sending and responding to safety/security related messages and finally a thorough familiarization of the AIS onboard.


The duration of this course is 10 hours

Upgrade of old AIS certificates issued by Seagull!

People holding an old AIS certificate issued by Seagull that wants to upgrade to the latest STCW Manila Amendments, must complete the new “Procedure and Workbook” and send to Seagull together with the old AIS certificate.


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